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Justin Thomas Gilmore
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    • Ph.D. Candidate
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    • History of Consciousness Department
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    • Humanities Building 1, 315
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Summary of Expertise

My research is generally concerned with understanding contemporary right-wing grievance politics and its relationship to neoliberal accumulation. Of particular interest are how processes of racialization, like whiteness, become altered by particular forms of accumulation, such as contemporary financialization; the relationship between left-wing defeats in the postwar period and the contemporary rightward political drift; inquiry on nostalgia for the postwar consensus, and the mediating role this affect has in contemporary politics; and, the symbiotic role that human rights discourse has played for constructing contemporary right-wing political cultures. In principle, I have approached these questions using an interdisciplinary approach. I draw from political and social theory, social movement literature, writing on affect, US history, Marxist-feminist literatures, Black political thought, and working-class studies. 


These interests have culminated into a dissertation project, entitled “Right-Wing Extremism in the US: Antinomies of Neoliberalism,” that illustrates how right-wing grievance politics have formed in the contemporary US. I argue that intensifying strain between political economy and ideology has unsettled key constructs traditionally used for reproducing political legitimacy, like whiteness and masculinity. This destabilizing conjunctural situation has opened new potential avenues for far-right social movements and has engendered a variegation of radical right political types.

Research Interests

History and contemporary development of US radical right; processes of racialization; neo-fascism and interwar fascism; political economy, financialization; US neoliberalism; contemporary ideology; and, social and political theory.

Biography, Education and Training

2022, PhD, History of Consciousness (ABD; Designated Emphasis in Politics), UC Santa Cruz


2014, MA, Political Science (Political Theory Concentration), SFSU

2010, BA, Feminist Studies, UC Santa Cruz

2010, BA, Politics, UC Santa Cruz


Honors, Awards and Grants

UC President's Year-Long Dissertation Fellowship, 2021-2022, UC Santa Cruz


Quarter Dissertation Fellowship, 2021, UC Santa Cruz


Teaching Fellowship, 2019, UC Santa Cruz


Doctoral Fellow, 2019-2022, Centre for the Analysis of the Radical Right


Institute of Humanities Research Summer Research Fellow, 2017, UC Santa Cruz

Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship, 2014, 2015, UC Santa Cruz

Matthew Stolz Political Science Fellowship, 2013, San Francisco State University

Graduate Equity Fellowship, 2013 & 2012, San Francisco State University

Selected Publications

“Neo-Authoritarianism and the Contestation of White Identification in the US” in Comparative Literature & Culture. 23.1. March 2021.


“Contesting Class in the Lockdown Protests” in Radical-Right Responses to COVID-19: Scapegoating, Conspiracy Theories, and New Narratives. (edited collection). Ibidem-Verlag Press. January 2021.


“Incels: The New Politics of Indifference” in Tracking the Rise of the Radical Right Globally. (edited collection). Ibidem-Verlag Press. May 2020.

Teaching Interests

The US radical right; theories of fascism; political theory; sociological theory; American politics; critical human rights; neoliberal economy and sociality; race and capitalism; the politics of financial capital.