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Key MacFarlane
  • Title
    • PhD Candidate
  • Division Humanities Division
  • Department
    • History of Consciousness Department
  • Affiliations Social Sciences Division, Sociology Department
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  • Office Location
    • Humanities Building 1, Room 415 (HISC Office)
  • Mail Stop History Of Consciousness

Research Interests

  • early Frankfurt School critical theory (esp. Walter Benjamin)
  • 20th-C. suburban geographies (shopping malls, office parks, et al.)
  • cultural geographies of memory, dreams

Biography, Education and Training

M.A., Geography, University of Washington

B.A., English and Philosophy, Colgate University

Selected Publications




Forthcoming. Global Allegory: Electronic Waste and the San Francisco Bay AreaEnvironment, Space, Place.


2020. Governing the Noisy Sphere: Geographies of Noise Regulation in the US. Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space. 38.2. 539–556. {link}.


2020. Negative Research: Sonic Methods in Geography and Their LimitsThe Professional Geographer. 72.2: 297–308. {link}


2020. Beyond the Educational Dystopia: New Ways of Learning Through Remembering. With K. Mitchell. Socialist Register 56: 84–103.


2019. Time, Waste, and the City: The Rise of the Environmental Industry. Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography 51.1: 225–247 {link}


2019. Marshland: Hamburg G20 and the Return of the Hanseatic LeagueSociety and Space (Open Site), July 19. {link}


2019. Hamburg's Spaces of Danger: Race, Violence and Memory in a Contemporary Global City. With K. Mitchell. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. 43.5: 816–832 {link}


2019. Children of the GraveHuman Geography 12.1: 73–77 {link}


2019. Climate MathematicsACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies. 18.4: 803–815. {link}


2019. The Sanctuary Network: Transnational Church Activism and Refugee Protection in Europe. With K. Mitchell. In Handbook on Critical Geographies of Migration, eds. K. Mitchell, R. Jones, and J. Fluri. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar: 410–424 {link}


2018. Geographies of Lifelong Learning and the Knowledge Economy. With K. Mitchell. In Making Workers: Radical Geographies in Education. London: Pluto Press: 67–82 {link}


2018. The Choice Machine and the Road to Privatization. With K. Mitchell. In Making Workers: Radical Geographies in Education. London: Pluto Press: 119–136 {link}


2017. A thousand CEOs: Relational thought, processual space, and deleuzian ontology in human geography and strategic management. Progress in Human Geography 41.3: 299320 {link}


2016. Crime and the Global City: Migration, Borders, and the Pre-Criminal. With K. Mitchell. In Oxford Handbooks Online {link}




2020. Capital and Space. In International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, 2nd edition, ed. A. Kobayashi. New York: Elsevier {link}




2019. Review of Assembly by Michael Hardt and Antonio NegriOrganization Studies {link}


2016. Review of Soundscapes of Wellbeing in Popular Musicedited by G. Andrews, P. Kingsbury, and R. Kearns. The Canadian Geographer 60(4): e48–e49 {link}




2020. The Rat Maze: Capitalism and Consciousness. Blue Labyrinths (November 10) {link}


2020. The Challenge of Equity in California’s Municipal Climate Action Plans. With Hillary Angelo and James Sirigotis. Policy Report for the Santa Cruz Institute for Social Transformation.


2019. A road trip through New Mexico's Atomic Past. With LuLing OsofskyHigh Country News (May 13) {link}


2018. The Greenhouse Effect: Life Under Glass ArchitectureMute Magazine (February 4) {link}