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Shaun Terry
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    • PhD Student
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    • History of Consciousness Department
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Summary of Expertise

Communciation studies

Cultural studies

Fascism studies

Biography, Education and Training

I am primarily a communication and cultural studies scholar, but I also draw from sociology, political theory, psychoanalysis, and political economy. My primary object of study is fascism, and I mostly study the mediation between fascist forms of subjectivity and fascist ways of organizing society. While one encounters a vast array of studies of fascism's historical discontinuities and disjunctures, I’m especially interested in those peculiar phenomena that consistently recur in far-right modern cultures. Fundamentally, I treat fascism as a shared style of modern, and highly nationalist, thinking. Nationalism has a way of binding subjects who might otherwise feel even more alienated and atomized. The fascist style of thinking, then, is produced when fascist agitators and propagandists intensify nationalism's function of binding atomized subjects. These agents produce, and intensify, the fears that come from moments of liberal social crisis, but not only (or, can modernity be usefully described as the perpetual production and management of series of crises?). The fascist style of thinking, then, is motivated by fear and is characterized by what psychologists call "negative compensation." Again, that fear is produced through the propaganda and mass communication that become important to fascist movements.

Apart from this scholarly work, I'm also a filmmaker, musician, and creative writer. I'm very interested in thinking about how to make art that--not only avoids reproducing problematic ideological functions, but--contributes to the imagination of better futures.

One great source of inspiration for me comes from the Zapatista saying Caminamos al paso del mas lento [We walk at the pace of the slowest], and I aspire to contributing to political projects (including aesthetic ones) founded on the idea of privileging the most disadvantaged. If such political projects take for granted that everyone is necessarily vulnerable and in need of care, then it occurs to me that fascists might reject such a conceit. Instead, the fascist subject (tragically) hopes to overcome any and all forms of vulnerability.

I have a very sweet, interesting, fun, curious eleven-year old daughter, named Jovie.

Honors, Awards and Grants

2021-2022 Regents Fellowship

2022 Summer STARS Re-entry Scholarship

2022 Summer Graduate Dean's Travel Grant

2022 Summer Research Support

Selected Presentations

2022 "Fragmentation, Fascism, and the Grendel Academy" at The Spectre Haunting Academia: Understanding the Role of Academia in the Rise of the Far-Right, University of Heidelberg

Teaching Interests

I'm particularly interested in teaching about writing, film studies, communication, performance studies, religion studies, vulnerability, and emotions.