Tentative Course List Academic Year 2023-2024 

Fall 2023

Undergraduate (Lower Division)

HISC 80W: What is Imperialism?│Jack Davies

HISC 65 What is Belief? | Philip Conklin 

Undergraduate (Upper Division) 

HISC 116: What is Species? | Banu Bargu

HISC 127 What is Modernity? | Massimiliano Tomba


HISC 203A: Approaches to History of Consciousness│Banu Bargu

HISC 268A: Rethinking Capitalism │ Robert Meister

HISC 240: University Level Pedagogy│ Stephen D Engel 


Winter 2024

Undergraduate (Lower Division)

HISC 12: Historical Introduction to Philosophy | Emmett Peixoto

HISC NEW: Every Detail of the World | Stephen D Engel 

Undergraduate (Upper Division) 

HISC 169: Blue Humanities | Rasmus Winther

HISC NEW: What Freedom is to Me | Isaac Julien 


HISC TBD: Walter Benjamin │ Massimiliano Tomba

HISC 268B: Rethinking Capitalism │ Robert Meister

HISC 282: Art of Independence, Liberation and the Cold War │ Mark Nash

HISC 285: Political Theology │ Robert Meister

HISC NEW: Racial Capitalism | Robert Nichols 


Spring 2024


HISC NEW What is the Ecological Crisis? | Will Parrish

HISC NEW Why Obey?| Robert Nichols 


HISC 203B: Approaches to History of Consciousness│ Robert Nichols

HISC 232: Music, Social, Thought or HISC 249: Black Ecological Thought │ Eric Porter

*HISC 250F: Film, Moving Image Installation, and Cultural Curatorial Lab (Abroad) │ Isaac Julien & Mark Nash