Graduate Student Directory

Key Macfarlane

Research Interests

Cities, Time, Memory, Waste

Biography, Education and Training

M.A., Geography, University of Washington

B.A., English and Philosophy, Colgate University

Selected Publications




Hamburg's Spaces of Danger: Race, Violence, and Memory in a Contemporary Global CityInternational Journal of Urban and Regional Research. Coauthored with K. Mitchell (forthcoming)


Children of the GraveHuman Geography: A New Radical Journal (forthcoming).


Time, Waste, and the City: The Rise of the Environmental Industry. Antipode 50.1 (2019): 225–247.


The Sanctuary Network: Transnational Church Activism and Refugee Protection in Europe. In Handbook on Critical Geographies of Migration, eds. K. Mitchell, R. Jones, and J. Fluri. (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2019), 410–424. Coauthored with K. Mitchell.


Geographies of Lifelong Learning and the Knowledge Economy. In Making Workers: Radical Geographies in Education. (London: Pluto Press, 2018), 67–82. Coauthored with K. Mitchell.


The Choice Machine and the Road to Privatization. In Making Workers: Radical Geographies in Education. (London: Pluto Press, 2018), 119–136. Coauthored with K. Mitchell.


A thousand CEOs: Relational thought, processual space, and deleuzian ontology in human geography and strategic management. Progress in Human Geography 41.3 (2017): 299320.


Crime and the Global City: Migration, Borders, and the Pre-Criminal. In Oxford Handbooks Online (2016). Coauthored with K. Mitchell.




2020. Capital and Space. In International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, 2nd edition, ed. A. Kobayashi. New York: Elsevier.




2019. Review of Assembly by Michael Hardt and Antonio NegriOrganization Studies (forthcoming).


2016. Review of Soundscapes of Wellbeing in Popular Musicedited by G. Andrews, P. Kingsbury, and R. Kearns. The Canadian Geographer 60(4): e48 –e49.



2019. A road trip through New Mexico's Atomic Past. With LuLing OsofskyHigh Country News (13 May). [link]


2018. The Greenhouse Effect: Life Under Glass ArchitectureMute Magazine (4 February). [link]


2015. Rites of Passage: On the 2015 Baltimore RiotsUltra (12 May).