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Isaac Samuel Blacksin

TitlePhD Candidate
DivisionHumanities Division
DepartmentHistory of Consciousness Department
AffiliationsAnthropology Department
OfficeHumanities 1, Rm 416
Campus Mail StopHistory Of Consciousness

Biography, Education and Training


My work, most broadly, operates at the intersection of cultural anthropology, intellectual history, and critical theory, where I chart practices of wartime representation and conceptualizations of the violent. The politics and poetics of journalism – through which devastation, ruination, and suffering become objects of knowledge – remains an abiding concern, as do the roles of secularism, humanitarianism, and storytelling in media coverage of conflict. As an ethnographer, I engage with correspondents in Baghdad, Beirut, and Kabul, with whom I examine the discursive formations of news-making and map the institutions, technologies, and social intimacies driving the journalistic endeavor. I am an affiliate researcher at the American University of Beirut and a contributing editor at Kyoto Journal, and I am currently working on a film about Boasian anthropology. I previously studied at Stanford University, Evergreen College, and Antaiji.