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Daniel G. Butler
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    • PhD Candidate
  • Division Humanities Division
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    • History of Consciousness Department
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    • Humanities Building 1, TBD
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Research Interests

Philosophies of Childhood; Comparative Psychoanalysis; Histories of Psy-ence and Medicine (Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychoanalysis); Media Philosophies; Black Critical Theory; Political Theology; Refugee Studies; Visual Culture; Psychopolitics. 

Biography, Education and Training

Daniel G. Butler, LMFT is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and doctoral candidate in History of Consciousness. Prior to UC Santa Cruz, Daniel earned a BA in Liberal Arts (Concentration in Philosophy) from Sarah Lawrence College; an MA in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University; and two Certificates in Psychoanalytic Psychology from Access Institute for Psychological Services, a clinic and training institute in San Francisco. 

Selected Publications

Butler, D. G. (forthcoming) "Transitional Objects are Not Toys: Illusion, Fantasying, and Negative Psychogenics in Thomas Kiefer's El Sueño Americano," The Comparatist.

Butler, D. G. (forthcoming) "Feverish Nonknowledge, or Intuition at the Boiling Point," Psychoanalytic Dialogues.

Butler, D. G. (forthcoming) "Uncreated Gender and Interpsychic Overkill," Studies in Gender and Sexuality.

Butler, D. G. (2020) “A Child is Being Caged: Resignation Syndrome and the Psychopolitics of Petrification,” JAPA: Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association.

Butler, D. G. (2020) “The Public and the Privative: Honig’s Public Things and the Politics of the Psychoanalytic Setting,” Journal of Psychosocial Studies, 20 (20): 1-12.

Butler, D. G. (2019) “Racialized Bodies and the Violence of the Setting,” Studies in Gender and Sexuality, 20 (3): 146-158.

Butler, D. G. (2019) “Setting (on) Fire,” Studies in Gender and Sexuality, 20 (3): 171-176.

Butler, D. G. (2019) “Riding Instincts, Even to Die,” Studies in Gender and Sexuality, 20 (2): 106-118.

Butler, D.G. (2018) “Like a Half-Crushed Worm: Affliction, Negative Capability and Apophatic Aesthetics in the Work of Nuclear Death,” Théologiques, 26 (1): 207-228.

Butler, D. G. (2015). “Falling through the Cracks: Precarity, Precocity, and other Neoliberal Pressures,” Fort Da, 21:33-52.