Summer Session 2023

Looking to complete the requirements for your HISC minor or been interested in HISC courses but not able to fit one in your schedule? Summer Session is for you!

Flyers for all courses are available below with course descriptions. This summer we will offer three Lower Division courses & two Upper Division courses. All fulfill a GE requirement.

Lower Division: 

HISC 80R: What is Space? [GE: ER]

HISC 80U: Labor & Globalization [GE: CC]

HISC 87: What is Utopia? [GE: TA]


Upper Division:

HISC 122: What is the Psyche? [GE: PE-H]

HISC 150: Radical Political Theory [GE: TA]


Enroll on Summer Session website!


  • HISC 80R: What is Space? Flyer
  • HISC 80U: Labor & Globalization
  • HISC 87: What is Utopia? Flyer
  • HISC 122: What is the Psyche? Flyer
  • HISC 150: Radical Political Theory Flyer