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Blaise Bayno
  • Title
    • PhD Student
  • Division Graduate Studies Division, Humanities Division
  • Department
    • History of Consciousness Department
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    • Humanities Building 1, n/a
  • Mail Stop History Of Consciousness

Biography, Education and Training


Blaise uses Lacanian psychoanalytic theory to study Western politics and culture. Specificially pertinent to her work and interests are queer theory, film studies, studies of neoliberalism, and critical theory. Her dissertation project argues that the addicted structure of desire, contrary to its depiction in Western cinema, is a profoundly ethical one that calls into question capitalist ideology and psychoanalytic methods. 

Blaise graduated Wesleyan University with a BA in Sociology in 2016. Her honors thesis entitled “Cruising Dystopia: Asocial Queer Theory and Antihumanist Marxism (Fuck Work, Fuck The Social) identified the antihumanism inherent in queer asociality and the asocial kernel within the rejection of the humanist Marxist subject. 


She is a member of Heterodox Academy.

Selected Publications

Bayno-Krebs, Blaise Sophia, "Cruising Dystopia: Asocial Queer Theory and Antihumanist Marxism (Fuck Work, Fuck the Social)" (2016). Honors Theses - All. 1575.

Bayno-Krebs, Blaise, "Materialism in the Age of Commodified Authenticity, Wellness, Neoliberalism, and the Revolutionary Subject" (2017). 001