Affect Across the Disciplines II

October 18, 2012

The Affect Working Group Research Cluster of the IHR invites you to join us for our upcoming panel event:

Affect Across the Disciplines II

Tuesday, October 23rd, 4-6 pm, Humanities 210

Affect Studies offers new opportunities to traverse the boundaries between the humanities, social sciences, and engineering. This year’s panel features presentations by UCSC graduate students whose varying approaches to the study of “affect” demonstrate the breadth of the field and its interdisciplinary possibility.

Presentations by:

Erin Gray (History of Consciousness):   “The White Flesh of the World: Affect and Racialization.”   Erin researches white supremacist visual and material culture and she is currently thinking about the relationship between lynching, the U.S. culture industry, and the development of monopoly capitalism.

Laurel Peacock (Literature):  ”Affect and Poetics.”  Laurel is working on a dissertation on affect in contemporary feminist poetry.

Pascal Emmer (Sociology):  “Talkin’ ‘Bout Meta-Generation: ACT UP History and Queer Futurity.”  Pascal is interested in the nexus of affect, generation, queer activist histories and futures, oral history, and the politics of memory.

Ben Samuel (Computer Science):  “Affect and Expressive Intelligence.”  Ben will discuss two research projects in development at UCSC's Expressive Intelligence Studio, which not only make use of state of the art AI systems to model affect, but are playable media experiences which afford the user opportunities for self reflection on affect in their own lives.

Please join us for a sensorium of refreshments!

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Support for this event is provided by IHR staff

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