History of Consciousness Faculty Statement on UAW Strike

May 24, 2024

48,000 employees at the University of California represented by UAW 4811 have authorized an Unfair Labor Practice strike action, starting with the University of California, Santa Cruz campus. Active striking members of UAW 4811 are our students, advisees, colleagues, and friends who are working for a more just and equitable world, and a more just and equitable university within it. Their goals include the protection and promotion of freedom of speech and assembly; workplace safety; shared academic governance; accountability and transparency in budgeting and finances; and divestment from war profiteering. These are our goals as well, and we benefit from their strike action.

 Accordingly, as faculty in the History of Consciousness department, we pledge not to pick up struck labor, submit struck grades, or otherwise retaliate against strikers. 

 We moreover hereby signal our willingness to join the UC Santa Cruz Faculty Association in a solidarity strike should such action be approved by its membership. We call on other academic units at UCSC to similarly signal their strike readiness in solidarity with the goals of the ongoing strike.



Robert Nichols

Banu Bargu

Massimiliano Tomba

Eric Porter