Upcoming Publication from Mumia Abu-Jamal

April 17, 2023


History of Consciousness graduate student Mumia Abu-Jamal's upcoming publication Beneath the Mountain: An Anti-Prison Reader to be published March 19 2024.

About the publication:

Essential radical texts by enslaved, jailed, and imprisoned Americans, edited by renowned political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal and activist-scholar Jennifer Black.

“Martin Luther King told us what he saw when he went to the mountaintop….But there’s also the foot of the mountain, and there are also the regions beneath the surface. I want to try to tell you a little something about those regions.”–Angela Y. Davis

Beneath the Mountain is a reader’s guide for understanding the evolution of anti-prison tenets. This essential core of primary texts provides an arc of insurgent writings by dissidents and revolutionaries who experienced incarceration and state terror first-hand. With contributions from John Brown, Frederick Douglass, and Crazy Horse, to Assata Shakur, Malcolm X, and Leonard Peltier, it also includes a previously unpublished communiqué from Angela Davis, written from jail at the time when she was forging the anti-prison critique that has since inspired a national movement.

Beneath the Mountain offers a record of the historic foundations for the contemporary abolition movement. What emerges from these texts is an emancipatory vision that inspires the work being done today, a vision centered on organizing and solidarity as an antidote to repression. An invaluable resource for readers on both sides of prison walls, this compendium of resistance and hard won vision will be essential to all who seek to develop an abolitionist critique and to further an understanding of the nature of repression and liberation.

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