Prof. Massimiliano Tomba on the Historical Materialism Podcast

March 24, 2023


Professor Massimiliano Tomba was interviewed on Historical Materialism Podcast, a podcast by Historical Materialism on critical Marxist theory which offers a deep-dive into each new issue of the Historical Materialism Journal. 
Episode "HM6: Insurgent Universality"How can we trace a continuity with the past to inspire a future of emancipation? What can we learn from the experiments of the 1793 sans-culottes, the 1871 Paris Communards, the 1918 Soviet constitution, and the Zapatistas? Is modernity inherently oppressive? In this episode, Lukas Slothuus and Ashok Kumar speak with Massimiliano Tomba, Professor of History of Consciousness at UC Santa Cruz about his article and book Insurgent University: An Alternative Legacy of Modernity. The article is in the 30.4 issue of the Historical Materialism journal.

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