Prospective Students

Welcome to the UCSC History of Consciousness Department!

We are honored that you are interested in applying for graduate study in our department.

Admissions Criteria

Students are admitted to the History of Consciousness on the basis of their ability to do sustained, independent, doctoral-quality, interdisciplinary work.

The History of Consciousness Department encourages applicants with well-articulated, focused projects and a clear idea of how to go about the initial investigation. The Statement of Purpose needs to detail an intellectual project or domain of study in sufficient depth to allow our admissions committee to determine whether we have the faculty resources to support and guide your work. The History of Consciousness therefore values applicants who propose interdisciplinary research that matches the expertise of the faculty.

  • For more information about the application process, please visit our Admissions FAQs.
  • For more information regarding the History of Consciousness faculty, please visit individual faculty profiles in our Faculty Directory.
  • For general information about the History of Consciousness Department, please visit About the Program.

Please don't hesitate to contact the department if you have any questions or need any assitance as you navigate the admissions process.