Plan of Completion (POC) Guidelines

To remain within Normative Time, a student must advance to candidacy by the end of the fourth year and complete the PhD dissertation by the end of the seventh year .A student who has exceeded this timeline must submit a Plan of Completion (POC) in order to appeal to extend their financial aid. The POC takes the form of a letter prepared by the student and approved by the faculty advisor. It should be addressed to the Dean of Graduate Studies (presently Professor Tyrus Miller) include the following:  
  • Why (family responsibilities, change of direction, medical, etc.) the student has exceeded normative time.
  • A timeline outlining what is complete (QE/ATC dates, dissertation chapter drafts, etc.), what is left to do, and when each portion will be completed.
  • The quarter the student intends to file for the M.A. or Ph.D.
  • Signatory lines for the advisor; the QE or dissertation chair, if different from the advisor; and the Dean of Graduate Studies, Professor Tyrus Miller
  Occasionally, the department may request a POC at the end of the sixth year in order to clarify the student’s academic progress. In this case, the letter should be addressed to the Chair (presently Professor Carla Freccero) and include the same information as above, except that the signature lines for the Dean of Graduate Studies may be omitted.

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